Meet The Team

We are extremely proud of how far we’ve come and we believe our success is down to our handpicked staff. We provide on the job support throughout the entire time our employees are with us and we guide them to become the best they can through various schemes. Our staff are right at the core of the business and so it is paramount for us to ensure they are content. In case you think we’re lying,  take a look at our management team!

Lynsey Darwood

Head of Customer Service

What Lynsey Does: My role is to ensure the effective operation of the customer service team from claims, engineer performance, telephony and admin to ensure a premium customer service is delivered.

Likes: Anything that is a challenge. If I’m told something can’t be done, I want to do it. 

Dislikes: Birds. They creep me out with their beady little eyes and flappy wings. 

Jimmy Charman

Head of Business Development

What Jimmy Does: Putting our business fingers in lots of opportunity pies.

Likes: Ambition is never contained

Dislikes: Negativity. The more you feed it, the stronger it grows!


Conor Earley

Marketing Executive

What Conor Does: Ensuring the continued success of the Group by developing executing our online and offline marketing strategies.

Likes: Pinot Grigio

Dislikes: Running out of pinot grigio

Gemma Rabbitt

Gemma Rabbitt


What Gemma Does: Recruit and onboard the very best talent for BIG across all departments. From the initial phone interview to your first day, I coordinate you finding your new role with us.

Likes: Pugs and red wine – usually together

Dislikes: Not getting my 8 hours of sleep – I always need my morning coffee!


Richard Waters

Managing Director

What Richard Does: To dispel the myth insurance is dull! 

Likes: Gadgets, all the gadgets

Dislikes: Not enough gadgets

Lorraine Smith

Senior Compliance Officer

What Lorraine Does: Working alongside Management to ensure we are compliant with relevant regulations as well as listening to calls to help staff improve the customer experience

Likes: A good curry and a glass of Rose – even though they don’t go together

Dislikes: The beach – it’s just too sandy.

Maxine Robinson

Maxine Robinson

Service Accounts Clerk

What Maxine Does: I make sure employees, engineers and customers are paid on time.

Likes: Going out for food and drinks.

Dislikes: Writing cheques

Jessica Mansfiled

Jessica Mansfield

Customer Satisfaction Executive

What Jess Does: I ensure that customer satisfaction is a priority at all times at every stage of the customer journey 

Likes: A strong cup of tea.

Dislikes: Bugs. Any kind of bug.

Durand Gunn

Chief Technical Officer

What Durand Does: Leading a skilled team of developers in order to adapt and deliver technology solutions for the business


James Britter

Development Team Lead

What James Does: Develops software solutions for the companies customer facing websites and manages a team of IT professionals.

Likes: Metal music and video games

Dislikes: Deciding a bio pic for this website

Andy C

Andrew Capellao

Claims Supervisor

What Andrew Does: I manage our dedicated claims team who strive to make the claim journey as painless as possible whilst weeding out the odd bad apple. 

Likes: 80’s punk rock

Dislikes: 70’s prog rock

Michael Joliffe

Service Coordinator

What Michael Does: Working with both our engineers and suppliers to ensure a high level of service is provided to all of our customers. 

Likes: Cricket

Dislikes: Unreliable engineers

Connor Daly

Connor Daly

Customer Care Team Supervisor

What Connor Does: I manage the Customer Care Team providing coaching and mentoring to ensure the performance strives above and beyond along side being compliant and professional. Developing unique and effective sales and retention strategies to stay one step ahead.

Likes: Traveling, I love new adventures

Dislikes: Cheese. I really hate cheese


Steven White

Sales Team Supervisor

What Steve Does: I manage the sales team on a day to day basis. I provide training, coaching and support. I try to keep things fun in the office with incentives and engaging with everyone as a team and on an individual basis

Likes: I like football, the pub and watching football and the pub

Dislikes: I hate tomato ketchup, in fact it is more of a phobia!